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08 /04 2009
With FC2 Website, you can create your own web page for free!

I would like to, but wouldn't it be complicated?
I currently have one, but I don't like the advertisements.
I would like to create one for my shop, but I can't find hosts where they allow commercial use.
I would like to earn a bit of money with affiliates!

FC2 Website totally satisfies these wishes.
Why don't you join us and create your own website?

Let's Create a Website!

Let's Create a Website!
08 /04 2009
What Do I Need to Create a Website?  *What Do I Need to Create a Website?
  Let's get ready and collect all tools to create websites.
  Anyone can easily make a website, even without any profound computer knowledge!

Basic Knowledge for Creating Websites  *Basic Knowledge for Creating Website
  These are some nuts and bolts in creating a website.
  Here it explains those basic knowledge needed, especially for first-time users!

What's Do I need to Create a Website?

Let's Create a Website!
08 /04 2009
I would like to create a website, but don't know how...
I have heard that if I use a Web Page Creator program, making a website is much easier. If only it was free...

No need to worry anymore!
Creating websites is possible and easy for everyone.

Two things you need ...
Text Editor
This's it. That all you need to have to creating websites.

For those who thought "What on earth is a 'Text Editor'?"
A Text Editor is a tool in which you type text.
Examples of Text Editors are"notepad" and "Simple Text", both of which are generally pre-installed on your computer.
Also for those who thought "What is a browser?"
A Browser is a tool which enables you to see web pages on the Internet.
These too, generally come pre-installed on your computer, such as "InternetExplorer" or "Safari".

Are you ready?

Then, let's learn the basics of creating a web page.
To Basic Knowledge for Creating a Web Page

Basic Knowledge for Creating Websites

Let's Create a Website!
08 /04 2009
Here we will go through some basic knowledge for creating website.

Websites are made up from a language called HTML.
HTML is an abbreviation for "Hyper Text Markup Language".
HTML is the language that browsers use to read websites. Writing in HTML will be understood by the computer as a command. If you make specific commands such as "link this page to another" or "put emphasis on such and such letters", these orders will be processed by your browser and display as you wish.
It may look complicated at the first glance, but it's actually very simple and easy. Details will be explained later.

Employ Only Letters and Numbers in File Name
As the word implies, the "world wide web" connects to other computers around the world, like a giant web. Please make sure that you utilize only Latin letters (ie. abc...) and numbers. Other characters/symbols (such as those from other languages) are not uploadable into an FC2 Website.

Name the File to go on the Top Page as "index.html".
In most of the web pages, the file name "index.html" can be omitted in the URL. The same goes for the FC2 Website.
As an example, http://***.web.fc2.com/index.html would be http://***.web.fc2.com/, with the file name (index.html) omitted. For that end, we would like to ask you to name the file you want as your top page "index.html".
Please note that file name (on the top page) except "index html"or "index.htm" would compose violation of our terms of use.

Your Website Will not be Listed on Search Engines Soon After Creating it.
Some of our users, in the past, have complained to us that they have not found their web page on yahoo search or other search engines.
Search Engines upload their information by employing an special instrument to patrol online, collect information on the web, and consequently reflect such information onto itself.
Please note that a search engine is not a reflection of the Internet.
Even if your web page is not to be found with the search engine, it will be online.

Uploading on the Internet MEANS Anyone can see it.
Maybe you wouldn't like others to see what you have uploaded to your website?
We recommend you not upload any kind of information you would like to hide from people.
Access restriction is available, but still there is a possibility that your password will become known or leaked to others. The consequences if this happens are quite obvious.
Please save any such information onto your computer, and instead only upload information that you're happy if the whole world sees it!

Don't Quote Others' Articles or Images Without Permission.
This advice is not necessarily limited to the Internet. Please refrain from partaking in this sort of thing as this would be a violation of copyright.

No Hate-Speech, Bigotry, etc
This is the same as what's stated above. The Internet is viewed by anyone, by people of all nationalities. Even a single individual's webpage can be seen by numerous people. A single person can sometimes exert more influence, and provides more information than any other media.
If you are thinking of creating a web page, please be responsible and considerate towards others, concerning what you write.

Having read all this, you are a step closer to being a decent website owner!

Now off you go! Make the website of your dreams!

FC2 Website Services

FC2 Website Services
08 /04 2009
*All Features of FC2 Website
  Shows everything we provide to you with the FC2 Website service.

*All Uploadable Types of Files
  Here it tells you all usable types of file in FC2 Website.
  *Excluding .php, .cgi, .ssi.

FC2 Website Manual

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